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Another contribution by Mrs. Delirium

Driving through the main roads of any Metropolis, Billboards displaying the latest collection of the en vogue fabric of the season one is invariably stuck with the impression of beholding familiar countenances from across the border.  

Whilst those strongly objecting to the presence of Indian Icons on Pakistani billboards, and may have a point when they criticize the exuberant amounts spent on hiring them in endorsing their products, that have little or no appeal on the other side. 

Regardless of the protests these multinationals or textile giants as they are now called, are spending colossal amounts owing to the mass appeal they enjoy on this side of the divide, not withholding the ideological segregation dominant on the socio-political and the ideological fronts. The fact that these models cost four times as much as the local ones is no deterrence to their advertising budget. That they are employed repeatedly is testimony to their popularity that they are reaping the desired dividends. 

So where does that leave us ideologically speaking? 

Despite our leaders’ stance on India and on foreign cultures in general, with India-bashing remaining as their favourite pastime, the obsession of Pakistanis with Indian icons is a reality which cannot be ignored. The cultural similarities between the two countries and the constant didactic exchange between them is also a reality.

In the face of dearth of local movies to cater to the demands of the local population, Indian movies and channels have taken the local market by storm and have worn as far as the cultural front is concerned. The huge fan-following of the Indian Channels with our local ones emulating them in language and attire is not something of the distant past.

Is this representative of the dichotomy that exists within us as Pakistanis? The ideological confusion amongst us since the inception of this country. A fragment of the society shunning India and everything associated with it and another incorporating it into their daily lives. Not only as means of entertainment, but also as their idols.

With their music loudly blaring from our vehicles, our homes & mobiles, our weddings incomplete without having their dances choreographed to the minutest detail, are we constantly living in denial?

From our National policy of fuelling hatred towards them to our unadulterated fascination with them, do we as a nation need to wake up to the fact that we cannot survive isolate in an era of information revolution and war is NOT an option for our economically challenged, terror-stricken and internationally isolated country?

So while we need to retain our individual identity as nation and adhere to the basic principles that this nation was founded upon, we need to understand that culture is and ever-changing concept. And we need to celebrate the similarities in our language and heritage to exist as a harmonious whole.

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Now that we have nothing else to worry about….all our burning, biting and nagging issues have been miraculously resolved. Our pantries are spilling and overflowing with lintels, rice, flour, sugar, oil, veges and what not. The freezers and refrigerators are disgorging and spewing the indigestible and excessive inventories of chicken, beef, white meat, red meat, green chilies and brown chocolate syrups. Opulence and prosperity have achieved unattainable heights. Hunger and poverty are history, sweetly buried, as are our misfortunes, while we have comfortably cruised safely away even far from the reach and stench of those dogging God forsaken currents. Our bank accounts are overflowing and flood gates have been opened to absorb the lightening barrage and influx of FDI. The currency has strengthened hundred folds much to the shock and bewilderment of Japanese yen. Power and energy are charging every soul and enlightening every prospect under the sun. Peace and calmness are leaving the bed of deep blue ocean slightly red with envy.

That’s precisely why Veena Malik’s controversy has set entire world ablaze overnight. With all the chaos and crisis settled, the subject remains the only major national issue unresolved and mandates every Tom, Dick and Harry to pitch in his two pence.

What is making you numb and shy? Stand up, speak up and have your say. Ain’t you the only one left?

Just to add, I dunno what that fuss is all about and why all hell has broken loose?  Personally, I do not approve of clergy, while turning a blind eye to and snoring on the hypocrisies of their own and this society, to come to the moral bashing of any citizen of the state. But at the same time, I refuse to accept Veena Malik as a rightful symbol of oppression and misogynist onslaught. She, in no way, is comparable to a helpless rural woman who is being exploited and abused by the feudal and landlord or the one bearing the brunt of the owner with her kids as bonded labour in case of brick kilns.

 Veena, like every one of us, represents Pakistan in every individual act in her own capacity. Given her track record and the controversies she has been through, what she has pulled up here cannot be entirely dismissed as a cheap publicity stunt to be in the centre of limelight.

 Just a thought!

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