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It was another cracking dawn swallowing the looming shades of a pitch dark night that lingered a while ago. The receding darkness and shuddering cold silence gave helplessly in to determined and steadily advancing streaks of illumination with a buzz of life. A quaint lonely little house glowed in the first rays of sunlight. Amongst other signs of life, quite at odds with the idyllic environs, a tall thin silhouette moved along that mildly sloping and utterly green plane stretching in all directions at the top. There was something peculiar about that definite but measured and poised gait. A dignified fall of straight dark flowing hair that caressed her shoulders every now and then in the mild rustling wind as if voicing its apprehensions and vigil in her ear drums, two intelligently piercing hazel eyes embedded in large sockets encased in beautiful half arcs of thin black eye brows, a slightly pointed and attractive nose together with the weather beaten tanned complexion that lent more maturity than delicacy and beauty to the aging sharp features and countenance of the lady.

The rays of light pierced and gulped the curtains of suspended mist that had shrouded everything until now. Layers of rapidly melting snow with jagged boundaries perched at the top of distant towering peaks bathed in early sunshine.

Life for her was now steeped in besotting calm and tranquility but had it lost it objectivity? The only noise other then the bites of conscience and solitude unlike the din and clamour of activity from another lifetime was that of a murmuring stream and gushing raging waters. Everything had come to a standstill. One thing she always thought had eluded her was now at her disposal in abundance and nearly as stagnant as the shimmering glass sheet that formed the surface of deep blue nearby lake. Time had lost its meaning or had lost its measure possibly. Days would merge into endless nights only to be transformed back into the eternal daylight once more. Sometimes she just wondered if she was caught in a vicious circle and these continously repeating cycles were nothing more than an illusion.

Was there an escape? Such an irony! It was the solace of escape that she had been pursuing and seeking all along and that caused her to end up in such dreamlike world. An escape from biting realities; Escape from the jaws of madness and commotion of a bewildering mundane material world; Escape from her shattering dreams and painful memories and a man that suffused her past.

The colourful world appears so deceptive and charming with its rainbow of splitting shades when seen through the prism of love. It just absorbed and sucked her in the whirlpool, blinding her view with its hypnotic charm. Dazzled as she was, staring into the daylight, she was unable to see the obvious or refused to do so. It was all so heavenly and surreal until the moment had passed and she woke up to the stench of bitter reality all by herself. And once the bubble burst the only thing that sustained and lasted was the excruciating pain; The throes of which dug and bit more into her soul than corporal flesh and existence.

All her dreams were shattered or was she living in her dreams till that defining moment in her life and just woken to the reality?

Having lost her world or completely abandoned it, still she realized there was no escape from dreams and hope. She even laughed at the miserable helplessness, sheer absurdity and ruthlessness of it as the tears rolled down her wrinkled cheeks. Who can pick up millions of minute broken scattered chards and bond and glue them into a seamless shining mirror again?  While the sun began to shine and brighten everything in her surroundings, she couldn’t suppress a surge of warmth sprawling in her heart like the sprouting fresh fountain emanating from the heart of the rocky mountain.

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