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As this restless girl Shivya, who manages her fabulous travel blog The Shooting Star, hopping from one continent to the other, nominates me for the 7 link project__ a wonderful initiative of  Tripbase , to be fair and honest, it comes as a bit of a shock. Not because my ever boasting self doesn’t consider myself much of a wanderer but principally because it brings home the realization that time really flies! 

7 link project is a sweet gentle reminder that I have been updating this personal blog for 7 months now and have piled up a mindless collection of more than 7 times that number. (Thanks to the readers for bearing with all those delirious outbursts). 

As I delve into the posts and statistics, I run into a number of surprises. First and foremost being, guess what!? the most visited page of the blog, barring home page, has been the “About” page. Lets still keep it as the ‘8th post’ as we search for the 7 (arguably) unique posts for the 7 link project. So lets plunge into the blog and dig out some pieces. Here we go! 

  1. My most popular post 

As the stats reveal, my most read and popular post turns out to be Imprinting footprints on virgin snow. Whether it is the charm of the virgin or the snow that caused all the pull and attraction is anybody’s guess!? 

  1. My most commented post 

The most commented happens to be the post about the pictorial journey that takes you through the captivating beauty of the mountain trek I love trailing through over and over again. The post is titled The Annual Pilgrimage  and it is downright sacrilegious not to comment on the post. 

  1. My least commented post 

Totally unexpected. My only piece of fiction on the blog weaved round a living character in the romantic backdrop of pulsating nature. Seems like, it all turned out to be a lame attempt that ended up in confusing the reader with contrasting metaphors. No comment so far, so to speak! Tangible Dreams 

  1. My nostalgic post 

About the idyllic and serene hill station I was brought up in. And that before it earned the overnight global fame hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons on May 2nd, 2011. Yes the one notoriously associated with OBL now, Abbottabad. The City That Once Was Mine!

    5.   My adorable post

One of the earliest posts on this blog; The one I dedicated to one of my closest friends. A walk down the memory lane, treasuring sweet memories, whereby, I shared a wonderful experience and enjoyed scribbling it. Exploring Mountains In January  

  1. My post on love and expense of universe 

Is love the binding force that is holding this disintegrating universe and its endless expense together? You decide! A Truth About My Universe……! 

     7.  My post on relationships & expectations 

As I understand, a simplified and isolated view and my two pence on the delicacies and intricacies of something as complex as human sensitivities and feelings. Emotional Bank Account  

Phew! Done with the selection bit. Now comes the hardest part. Handing over the torch for the next round of 7 link project.  As they say “Play the game in the spirit of the game.” Thus, the 7 people I am going to tag in line with the spirit of the 7 link project are Leenah with her blog Touching With Fingers The Naked Body Of Dreams. Valerine with her blog The Verbal Fiend. Mahlaqa managing her blog Mind And Beyond. Nadia Masood who operates her blog with her name. Umair with his blog Dashtnavard. Ugly Shoelace  managing her Ugly Worn-Out Shoelace and last but not the least Natasha Suleman operating her blog the spicy Green Chillies and then of course……we all miss Eva’s blog.

Done with my bit. Over to you guys now!


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Give and take is the universal principle. No exceptions. Not even divine. It applies everwhere. You lose some. You earn a few. That’s how it works and is bound and meant to be. No two ways about it.

In every relationship, we maintain a joint emotional bank account with that other self. Be it your spouse, dear or loved one, parent, child, mate, buddy, pal, friend, customer or an adversary for that matter. There is a continous stream of sprouting transactions taking place all the time, all the while, from both ends with or even without every exchange. Incessant deposits and withdrawals. Unending debits and credits.

Little things make huge difference. Small acts mean big. It is not the word or act, kind or harsh, but the potential or value that translates into and brings about that corresponding debit or credit that really counts. It is all relative and it all varies with relation to the uniqueness of the other self.

So it is not just what is said that is important. Equally or perhaps more so are the unsaid words and undone deeds. The unexecuted transactions having an enormous potential to turn things around or tip the balance. Then what is left to retard the bonding ?  The barriers! Ego, apathy, priorities, time and other resources or lack of understanding and realization ? Or are they just taken for granted ?

And what are these said or unsaid things, done or undone deeds tied with ? Expectations ? Is that what assigns a value to any realized or unrealized transaction ?

Apart from unique and distinct personalities, these expectations are entrenched in mutual communication. When there is symphony or harmony of thoughts and understanding, it  all flows and sails in unifying rhythm and sounds melodious, reinforcing the beats to kindle an enviable resonance. Whilst, the lack of it creates a sheer noise and distortion.

The golden rule is ” Try first to understand and then to be understood……”  But is it that simple!? You bet your fortune! Much much easier said than done !!!

In theory and text book, it is still damn straight and simple to deal with. Communicate. Identify and remove the underlying causes. Avoid potential conflicts. Avert ugly situations and confrontations. Understand the realities. Expect little or nothing. Give selflessly. Don’t demand and be happy and content with whatever comes your way.

Pratically, it gets increasingly winding and stringent  when you encounter the intricacies involved and revelation and surfacing of multiple overlapping paradigms and domains. What does it all lead to ? Avoidance or abstinence ? There is a big tag dangling with it. SELF DENIAL! Now where do we go from here?

In the end, the analogy may seem mundane, businesslike, absurd, bizarre and even mean and insulting being applied to most endearing, palpable, intangible and selfless emotions such as love, trust and care. But then why not ? When every single thing is destined to undergo or supposed to be subjected to some sort of simulation. Even all our virtues and sins would be evaluated eventually, deciding our ultimate fate or so we believe! Broken down into numerous tiny numeric pieces against a yardstick whose guagability remains an enigma. But it is going to be something MEASURABLE and QUANTIFIABLE, specific and relative for sure. Whatever the ultimate unit or tool is supposed to be.

To conclude it all. Let me assert. Loud and clear. What has been a tacit belief and understanding so far or not been uttered with all that vigour.

You mean a lot to me. My friends. All of you. A blessing in my life…….

Lest those words remain unsaid and are lost, silenced and buried in the sands of time or shadowed by merciless and endless shrouds and currents of oblivion without getting themselves registered or counted………   

Now I want to embed the link to the video ‘ I want to spend my lifetime loving you…..’ by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena but this damn thing in my hand won’t allow. So if someone would be kind to do me the favour ? No returns guaranteed



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As the spring sets in, everything springs up including our trekking plans for the year. To start the season, those who know of it, we go through the annual ritual and pilgrimage of walking through a breathtakingly beautiful trek that tears through the verdant meadows and alpine heavens running from Thandiani to Nathiagali. 39 kilometers in walking length, oscillating between 6500 and 9000 ft ASL, the warm up trek is known as a bed of roses amongst the trekkers of Pakistan. Forest rest houses provide lodging and camping options at Biran gali and Dagri, both 13 kms ( 8 miles )  apart. 

As it is not humanly possible to narrate the beauty and charm of the hike, a few pics taken during the last year’s hike taken by my friends ( all credit to them) , are uploaded to exhibit a glimpse of simplicity, purity and natural aura that pervades life in those mountains and valleys. 

A picture, as they say, is worth more than thousand words…….



As I relived all those moments, craving all the more to go through that remarkable experience all over again, how was your journey through the snapshots? Like to share a word or two?

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Wonder if that’s what I really am? Do I fit the bill? No doubt about half the bit. Yeah! You guessed it. Kid. Eternal. That’s granted. But new!? 

Hmm. Well! That’s debatable. Depends upon your perspective and the way you look at it.

I have been around. For much of the past couple of years. Acquainted with some of the best known names ( I dare not say faces ) and that has led to some really kind and adorable friendships as well.

Those who have read me, know that I have been scribbling, blabbing and interacting mostly within the confines and walled gardens of a popular website. It gave me identity. It lent me the recognition and above all it gave me the confidence and exposure to express myself.

That’s exactly where I came across some of you and was ultimately pursued to ( or more appropriately tricked into) initiating and establishing my personal blog.

 Aaaaah! The innocent me 😦

 (Don’t hide your faces now, you know I am pointing precisely towards you :S)

 So finally here I am!

It has been an intriguing experience so far. There is so much to learn and explore. But as they say ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins but with a single step’. Blogging, as I have been, but somehow the personal space gives me more freedom and authority_ A different and pleasant feeling.

It is like looking at the universe or the whole constellation around you while comfortably lying in your own private den. Every time someone peeps or drops in, that opens a new window or slit to the outside world affording room for aroma and sunlight to sneak in.

And I will keep looking forward to the blend of rays and freshness to keep pouring in all the more.

 Please do keep dropping by! All of you!

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