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An eighty four year old groom weds a seventy six year old bride. This is not a page out of an epic tale weaved by the great Marquez Garcia in another world representing another age but a real show staged in our world of happenings and dramas. 

Unlike Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza (a girl with the doe’s gait), who in order to stay together, for the lack of better option mutually decided to keep that gooddamn coming and going forever_ our present day bride and groom preferred to choose a convenient, reliable and prudent course by deciding to settle for good in their native village near Bhowana instead of an old stinky marine vessel. Times and circumstances do change after all.
While Florentino had to wait for fifty three years seven months and eleven days and nights to espouse the love of his life, the history books are silent on the length and even depth of current affair. However, the groom has confessed of knowing the girl for ages. In cultural context, if that took ten years to seek permission from her seven kids (who in all probability would’ve constituted the bulk of the dowry by now), after she turned into a widow, or more than twenty years by the groom to convince his own seven offsprings_ a period for which he has remained a widower, nevertheless, remains an enigma. Whatever the barriers were, the couple has successfully surmounted them together with their stoicism and sweet will to lay foundations for yet another happy beginning in their lives.

Amidst all that torrent of suicidal strikes and terrorist attacks that mars the country, the seven kids merrily bid farewell to their mom. Let us join the celebrations and wish the married couple the very best for their union!

Here is the link to the story as published by local press


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Upon insistence of my (much) better half, I am reproducing what I had scribbled on my other blog sometime back. It goes like….

So here goes my omolette. Rolls off the frying pan as sweetly as the effervscent words of praise for my boss or management trip off my tongue on any normal working day. As laced and spicy as my language tends to be on the occassions.

For those of you, who are being unreasonably mean, overwhelmed and overawed by the better of curiousity and inquisitiveness, lemme put your sinister speculations to rest, once and for all. Before anyone goes on to kill the cat, yes…. I continue to be ‘happily’ married and this is just another innocent, helpless, lame and futile effort at being assertive and self assured.

Ages ago, Newton earned laurels for discovering the fact that ‘To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. Now those who claim or declare that he was never married are challanged to come up with convincing explaination as what MUST’VE been the intense and abnormal precursor leading to the discovery of such grave universal truth or law of motion having such stern, solemn and dire consequences?

For those who are knowledgable, it is all amiably and undisputedly settled under implicit supreme command without any point to agitate or crib. Any civil disobedience may lead to non civil behaviour so it is better of that way.

Whatever the Newton or physics had to say on the institution of marriage, isn’t it bewildering to know that how an elastic and unending reaction to apparently one innocent, simple, tempting, naive but insane act can attain such unrelenting proportions and magnitude?

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