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Mrs. Delirium on marketing gimmicks of FMCGs

The new ‘in’ is the shampoo for hijabis. Without doubt, this is a skillful maneuver on behalf of the cosmetic company to capture the rapidly growing segment of the market favoring the hijab. This foretells important trends in our population:

An ever-increasing number of woman are taking to the hijaab as their preferred attire, comprising mostly urbanites studying or working outside,  more popular amongst the younger ones, transcending class barriers. These are seen as a target market to capitalize upon since urban areas now have frequent outlets catering to the faithful like specialized shops selling abbayas and hijabs to bookshops selling only Islamic books.

While this may be seen as a backward trend by the liberals denouncing the growing conservatism & ‘Arabinization’ of the predominant culture of the Sub-Continent, a lot of terming this is as the branding of Islam into a corporate entity.

But apart from being a brilliant marketing tactic, focusing on product differentiation, it has for the first time acknowledged hitherto neglected portion of the society. This is a similar strategy deployed in Indonesia a few years back. Catering to the local demands of the local market has been successfully used in this part of the world (remember Leher Pepsi & other brands in India in the 80s?)

While visualizing Islam in the Arabic context is practicing it almost too religiously, since this culture has now taken root, there is no harm on capitalizing upon it. Taken without prejudice, this can be a section like nail lacquer for housewives or soap for eczema & certainly no cause of ridicule from the liberals.

It is heartening to see that we have advertisements catering to the local demands as opposed to imported themes or models bearing no congruency with our population in language or attire. The inevitable result of projection by the media has resulted in our youth blindly emulating them considering it hip or cool.

This also heralds the fact that our local markets are mature enough for our multinationals to come up with special products tailored for them rather than coming up with a single product for the entire region.

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An eighty four year old groom weds a seventy six year old bride. This is not a page out of an epic tale weaved by the great Marquez Garcia in another world representing another age but a real show staged in our world of happenings and dramas. 

Unlike Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza (a girl with the doe’s gait), who in order to stay together, for the lack of better option mutually decided to keep that gooddamn coming and going forever_ our present day bride and groom preferred to choose a convenient, reliable and prudent course by deciding to settle for good in their native village near Bhowana instead of an old stinky marine vessel. Times and circumstances do change after all.
While Florentino had to wait for fifty three years seven months and eleven days and nights to espouse the love of his life, the history books are silent on the length and even depth of current affair. However, the groom has confessed of knowing the girl for ages. In cultural context, if that took ten years to seek permission from her seven kids (who in all probability would’ve constituted the bulk of the dowry by now), after she turned into a widow, or more than twenty years by the groom to convince his own seven offsprings_ a period for which he has remained a widower, nevertheless, remains an enigma. Whatever the barriers were, the couple has successfully surmounted them together with their stoicism and sweet will to lay foundations for yet another happy beginning in their lives.

Amidst all that torrent of suicidal strikes and terrorist attacks that mars the country, the seven kids merrily bid farewell to their mom. Let us join the celebrations and wish the married couple the very best for their union!

Here is the link to the story as published by local press


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Now that we have nothing else to worry about….all our burning, biting and nagging issues have been miraculously resolved. Our pantries are spilling and overflowing with lintels, rice, flour, sugar, oil, veges and what not. The freezers and refrigerators are disgorging and spewing the indigestible and excessive inventories of chicken, beef, white meat, red meat, green chilies and brown chocolate syrups. Opulence and prosperity have achieved unattainable heights. Hunger and poverty are history, sweetly buried, as are our misfortunes, while we have comfortably cruised safely away even far from the reach and stench of those dogging God forsaken currents. Our bank accounts are overflowing and flood gates have been opened to absorb the lightening barrage and influx of FDI. The currency has strengthened hundred folds much to the shock and bewilderment of Japanese yen. Power and energy are charging every soul and enlightening every prospect under the sun. Peace and calmness are leaving the bed of deep blue ocean slightly red with envy.

That’s precisely why Veena Malik’s controversy has set entire world ablaze overnight. With all the chaos and crisis settled, the subject remains the only major national issue unresolved and mandates every Tom, Dick and Harry to pitch in his two pence.

What is making you numb and shy? Stand up, speak up and have your say. Ain’t you the only one left?

Just to add, I dunno what that fuss is all about and why all hell has broken loose?  Personally, I do not approve of clergy, while turning a blind eye to and snoring on the hypocrisies of their own and this society, to come to the moral bashing of any citizen of the state. But at the same time, I refuse to accept Veena Malik as a rightful symbol of oppression and misogynist onslaught. She, in no way, is comparable to a helpless rural woman who is being exploited and abused by the feudal and landlord or the one bearing the brunt of the owner with her kids as bonded labour in case of brick kilns.

 Veena, like every one of us, represents Pakistan in every individual act in her own capacity. Given her track record and the controversies she has been through, what she has pulled up here cannot be entirely dismissed as a cheap publicity stunt to be in the centre of limelight.

 Just a thought!

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Not upon the Aashiqi bit as a deadwood like me in no way can compliment or reciprocate the passion of Dr. Sahiba the way Kashmala Tariq does.

It is just that I always have had some mild difference of opinion with the intellectual lady every time the golden words were uttered. Sometimes, I found them flabbergasting to the point of shock or awe or an exciting and a rich mix of both. At others completely senseless and ludicrous.

The feeling owes more to my immaturity, narrow mindedness and imbecile behaviour for there is no reason why words of such supreme intellect, caliber and wisdom be ill received.

PPP has always been spilling with the gifted presence of intellectual ladies. Late prime minister, Benazir Bhutto was personally one of my favourities, who in my opinion, could’ve made the difference with her charisma and prowess. Now that she is, most unfortunately, history and stalwarts like Sherry Rehman have side stepped, it all comes down to the bravado and firebrand leadership of the likes of Fouzia Wahab and Firdous Awan to lunge forward and plug the gap. Not to mention the fact that the later originally hailed from another party and will have to switch further, if anything, to give herself close to a realistic chance of retaining her seat during the next elections.  

While I have digressed pointlessly, lets get back to where we were, i.e our agreement. During her visit to Sialkot Chamber of Commerce, the minister for Women Development has come up with the novel idea of marking and promoting the hand made export products as

                                               ‘Made By Woman’

Manufactured by a poor rural woman should earn some differentiation and enable us carve a niche in the export markets. The feminine touch or workmanship coupled with the subliminal idea of women emancipation and empowerment should generate sufficient appeal for the products in the western countries paving way for us to earn more foreign exchange and better image.

That’s how the mind of the doctor works. All is not lost. Not until as long as she keeps coming up with logical thoughts amidst her illogical torrents and outbursts.

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