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Having gone through the painful research of Stephen Covey and appreciating the lot of hard work that he has put into the subject, I was moved and motivated to the extent that I decided to address the loop holes and come up with my own theory on the subject after years of humble research. Taking nothing away from him, but reinforcing where mandatory to bring due reverence and regard to the statures of these management gurus, I am inclined to draw my own conclusions. As I gather, the typical attributes of a highly successful manager outlining his profile may be summed up as:
  1. A successful manager is highly visionary. Keeps his eyes and senses firmly shut but blindly follows the vision ( read dictates) of the higher ups or decision makers.
  2. Unlike his eyes, the mouth is wide open. All the time talking aloud but not the words that are his own or he ever believes in. A mouthpiece, instead,  continously transmitting a message that makes many jaws drop down in awe and wonder.
  3. Smelling and sniffing are the sharpest of his senses and prized assets. Blessed with a nose long and sensitive to an extent that puts a poodle to shame. The most interesting feature, nevertheless, is a continously  wagging tail that is surprisingly not visible to a pair of naked eyes.
  4. He is all for free speech but never free to speak his thoughts and words.  He only talks what makes sense and that is what he is told to speak or the higher management wants to listen.
  5. Talking of senses and how could we ever miss the sense of taste!? And when it tastes of leather? You got it right! Boot licking!
  6. His loyalty is exemplary and at times can be matched only by the faithfulness of ….well the one with a wagging tail.
  7. There is only one governing principle if he decides to work for a change that is. Merit is the sole criteria unless of course the stake holder or customer is connected to the top. Reciprocating the earned favours in special cases only strengthens the business relations and such best practices are quoted in customer relationship management manuals.
  8. He thoroughly believes in maintaining a healthy work life balance and drum beating is his favourite sport. Blowing a trumpet much larger in scale and portraying something minute as humungous is what he excels at.
  9. He is a champion of honesty and integrity. Thus never fails to utter a shameless lie with complete faith in all honesty and integrity.

Now if you are the one on a look out to grab an opportunity to put your career on course to an accelerated growth, here is your only chance. And if you seem to care opportunity never knocks twice.

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